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Two recent developments have brought this topic to the fore. By Valerio Torti. Competition and intellectual property rights IPRs are both necessary for a market to work efficiently and to promote consumer welfare. Properly applied, intellectual property rules define a legal framework which allows undertakings to profit from their inventions. This in turn encourages….

Intellectual property (IP) infringement (patent, trademark and copyright)

By Devdatta Malshe. Exploring the relationship between competition law and technology pools, this book provides general-purpose details of the biotechnology patent pool scheme while discussing historical developments, approaches of the US Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and the European Union….

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By Jae Sundaram. Patents, including pharmaceutical patents, enjoy extended protection for twenty years under the TRIPs Agreement. The Agreement has resulted in creating a two-tier system of the World Trade Organisation Member States, and its implementation has seen the price of pharmaceutical products skyrocket,….

By Janice Denoncourt. IP law has evolved from being a little pool to a big ocean. How can a responsible corporate culture of IP transparency be stimulated to…. Edited by Kamalesh Adhikari , Charles Lawson. An initial focus on the legal obligations established by international agreements like the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and the form of obligations for collecting physical biological materials have….

By Stina Teilmann-Lock. By Hiroko Onishi. This book considers the effectiveness of well-known trade mark protection at an international level. It particularly considers EU trade mark law from Japanese perspectives, and provides a practical and critical overview of trade mark law in Japan, including the historical development of the law and….

Intellectual property - Wikipedia

By Teshager W. Arising from recent developments at the international level, many developing countries, indigenous peoples and local communities are considering using geographical indications GIs to protect traditional knowledge, and to promote trade and overall economic development. Despite the considerable…. By Sharon B. Le Gall. International developments since the mids have signalled an awareness of the importance and validity of traditional knowledge and cultural property. By Jiabo Liu.

This book examines the relationship between the legal extension of copyright duration as an enduring means of copyright protection and the growth of the UK book publishing industry as a typical creative industry reliant on copyright. In recent years there has been massive growth in the Law and Economics literature focusing on…. By Phoebe Li. The global transmission of infectious diseases has fuelled the need for a more developed legal framework in international public health to provide prompt and specific guidance during a large-scale emergency. This book develops a means for States to take advantage of the flexibilities of compulsory….

By Stavroula Karapapa. This book offers an original analysis of private copying and determines its actual scope as an area of end-user freedom.

Intellectual property

The basis of this examination is Article 5 2 b of the Copyright Directive. Despite the fact that copying for private and non-commercial use is permitted by virtue of this….

Intellectual property

By Kali Murray. There has been much written on the impact of international treaties like the Trade Related Aspects on Intellectual Property TRIPS , which laments the failure of patent systems to respond to the interests of a diverse set of non-profit, public interest, and non-corporate entities. This book…. By Robert Tomkowicz. Intellectual property rights and their overlaps are considered in light of rights purposes, relying on the concept of a balance of rights as the measuring rod for assessment of the consequences resulting from the exercise of overlapping rights.

Identifying the complex interface between different…. By Chidi Oguamanam. The book focuses on a number of thematic intellectual property issue linkages, exploring the…. By Marcelin Tonye Mahop. This book considers the issue of biodiversity in developing countries in relation to intellectual-property rights, community rights and human rights. Drawing together a number of case studies of developing countries rich in biological and genetic resources including India, South Africa and Brazil,….

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By David Price. This book examines the development of national legislative regimes for the protection of intellectual property rights in the Arabian Gulf states: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. By YiJun Tian. Copyright laws, along with other Intellectual Property Rights IPRs , constitute the legal foundation for the "global knowledge-based economy" and copyright law now plays an increasingly important role in the creation of business fortunes, the access to and dissemination of knowledge, and human….

Hilty This book is a very useful reference guide on how de jure and de facto standards are being developed and how these standards compete against each other. Jefferson This book is the first to provide a detailed and critical account of the emergence, development, and implementation of plant variety protection laws in Asian countries.

Each chapter undertakes a critical socio-legal analysis of one or more legal frameworks to understand, evaluate, and explore the… Hardback — Routledge Routledge Research in Intellectual Property. But to be fully effective, they must be considered… Hardback — Routledge Routledge Research in Intellectual Property. The book eschews traditional solutions, such as those found within legislative, judicial and… Hardback — Routledge Routledge Research in Intellectual Property.

Internet Intermediaries and Trade Mark Rights 1st Edition By Althaf Marsoof Despite the apparent advantages of the internet, there is little debate that it facilitates intellectual property infringements, including infringements of trade mark rights. Infringers not only remain hidden by the anonymity the internet provides but also take advantage of its increasing reach and… Hardback — Routledge Routledge Research in Intellectual Property.

The author examines the relationship between IP, branding and innovation to demonstrate that innovation… Hardback — Routledge Routledge Research in Intellectual Property. It analyses the ways in which the courts of the US, the EU, and Australia have attempted to deal with the problems surrounding the patentability of software and describes why it is that the software patent issue should be dealt… Hardback — Routledge Routledge Research in Intellectual Property.

With chapters from both well-established and rising scholars, the collection contributes to the understanding of the regulatory framework governing pharmaceutical… Paperback — Routledge Routledge Research in Intellectual Property. Accept cookies.

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Intellectual Property Law and Policy: Part 1

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