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I love dipping into the Mary Thomas books. Have you seen Needle -made laces and net embroideries by Doris Campbell Preston? Its a similar read.

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I think the counterpane section was in the Pattern book, but I skimmed over that section the book was returned on Friday, alas. Sometimes they have bits of information that are relevant for other methods too. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is just a subsection of it: Basic filet lace starts with the netted grid; squares are filled in with darning. Notes: This is a stitch pattern such as might be found in a stitch dictionary. It is not a pattern for a finished object.

Selvedge stitches are, however, included. Designers, please feel free to use this stitch in your patterns. If you like my posts like this, please consider supporting me on Patreon or donating with my Paypal tip jar in the sidebar.

Abbreviations: In all these descriptions, A is the stitch closest to the needle tip. J decrease: pass B over A, then knit A. Upside-down T: slip A knitwise. Pass C over B. Slip B knitwise. Thread the beads on a strong silk, and pass one on to the 23 middle stitch of each of the long ones. This will, of course, place a bead in the centre of each square. Beads of various. A gold or polished steel one should form the centre of each diamond. Double Stitch Crochet. Plain Stitch elastic Crochet. The upper mesh must be taken first. A raised Stitch.

True Stitch. This must be done with care ; and the more attention is paid to it, the more beautiful will the work appear.

CONSTRUCTION NET - Zeuspackagingagri

The latter process is performed by drawing the material thorugli the last stitch, which must be fastened at the back. A dividing Line. What is called making a stitch at the beginning and end of a row, means making one stitch of a chain before the first and after the last, which new stitches are to be crocheted in the succeeding row. We have given the fullest explanation of the various stitches in knitting, netting, and crochet, that our limited space will allow ; and, we hope that the directions are so plain, that no one will " be at a loss to comprehend their meaning.

But we cannot promise any votary of these delightful r 25 engagements, even tolerable success,' — -unless she will assiduously apply her own mind to the vari- ous directions given. Then knit rounds to the commencement of the narrow- ings, 40, 42, 54, 56, 60, and 74, respectively, according to the sizes given above. The narrow- ings in the leg are according- to the size, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, and After which you knit 18, 20, 25, 27, 30, or 45 rounds to the heel, which is to be formed in the following manner.

The stitches are to be divided in half, taking care to have the seam stitch for the middle, and the heel is to be knitted in alternate turns of plain and pearled stitches. The length, of course, varies in pro- portion to the size, being 12 turns for the first and second, 13 for the third, 14 for the fourth, 15 for the fifth, and 20 for the sixth. The heel is finished by knitting the nine middle stitches in [ ] 4 27 j rows, the same as the heel, and taking up one of the others with the last loop of.

There will thus be nine stitches when the heel is finished.

EP0919655B2 - Modified shuss knitted netting - Google Patents

Having got thus far, you proceed to form the foot as follows. You take up sixteen stitches on each side of the heel, in the second row, and in taking them up, you make a seam on each side of the instep, knitting another stitch in the loop under the first and last, which prevents holes in the corners, that would other- wise occur. You begin the toe by narrowing double at the seams, leaving only the seam stitch between, and narrowing twice with three, and twice with two rounds left between ix.

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Finish by putting the two needleshaving- stitches on them together, and taking one from each, knit them together. And when two stitches are done in this manner, cast them off, the first over the last, until the whole is taken oft' the needles. It should be noted that the stitches in the heel vary with the size of the stocking, and are as follows : first size 29, second 33, third 33, fourth 37, fifth 41, and sixth Some workers take off the heel in the same manner as the toe is here directed to be finished.

Open Work Stockings. When you arrive at the narrowings narrow every eighth row, and when you have 38 stitches on each needle, cease, and knit until the ancle is completed ; then take half the stitches to form the heel, knit 23 loops, and narrow on each side of the seam for three rows. In forming the heel, narrow every row once the fourth loop from the seam, and then the loops must be taken up, the end one as close as possible.

Take three stitches from each side of the fore-foot needle to the other and knit a round plain, after which, widen every fifth stitch on both sides of the heel. Alternate rows of the heel needles are then to be narrowed until only 36 loops remain on each. The stitches to be narrowed are the fifth and sixth from the ends. Knit the feet of a proper length, and then narrow at the ends of the needles every other row, until only 10 remain on each ; narrow every row until you have only three, which you cast off in the usual manner.

The more open you desire the work to be, the fewer stitches and the finer needles you will require. A Night Stocking. In the first size there are 49 30 stitches, in the second 55, and in the third 85 ; they have 16, 20, or 24 turns to the heel, in which there are 25, 29, or 43 stitches, as the size may require. The instep has 24, 25, or 42 stitches, and the length of the heel is 10, 12, or 14 turns. The length of the foot between the narrowings is 10, 12, and 28 rounds.

Pine Apple Pattern Bag. In the second row, knit the lirst raised loop, then raise, knit the next one plain, then raise, knit plain till you come to the next raising, and omit knitting the two together as in the first row.

How to knit the Netted Stitch

Third row, you knit plain to the raising, and then proceed as in the first row. You knit the fourth as the second; and so proceed, alternately, until you have twelve rows. Then, in the stitches you have previously narrowed, you must raise, and introduce a head image digitised by the University ol Southampton Library Digitisation 33 eight inches, then decrease the first row, and make the other end to correspond with that first knitted. Barege Knitting eor Shawls. The third row is pearled, and the fourth is the second repeated, only beginning by knitting three stitches together.

Fifth row the same as the third, and thus pro- ceed with any number of rows you choose. A Biroche. You bring the wool forward, slip one, and knit two together. This elegant cushion is made up of 16 narrow rows, and 16 broad stripes, which decrease D 34 gradually towards tlie centre. It may be made in double German wool, or other material, with No. Cast on ninety stitches, and knit two turns, then in gold color three turns, and again two in black. This forms the narrow stripe.

Then form the broad stripe thus.


Knit two stitches and turn, then knit two of the black, and turn ; this must be continued, taking every time two additional stitches of the black, until you are within two stitches of the top, and then turn. You will now find the wool has descended to the wide part of the strijre. You then again commence a narrow stripe, and so go on until the whole is completed. When the last wide stripe is finished, knit it to the first nar- row stripe and make up the biroche in any manner you please.

A Strong Knitted Purse. First and last row. The wool is to be brought forward, then slip one, knit two, and pass over them the slip stitch, repeat second and fourth row plain, Third and fifth row. Knit two before 35 commencing the pattern. The holes will then fall in a' diagonal direction.

It will require to he stretched. Herring-bone Purse.