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  1. Rudd v Abbott: the debate in gifs - as it happened
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For in-depth analysis click here. He said local hospital networks would run hospitals and answer to state health ministers. Mr Abbott said the plan would do nothing to stop blame being passed between tiers of government.

Rudd v Abbott: the debate in gifs - as it happened

However he gave no detail about a Coalition hospitals policy beyond saying it would include a return to local hospital boards. On top of already announced savings including the abolition of the schoolkids bonus, the low income superannuation guarantee, the supplementary allowance for unemployment benefit recipients, reversing the increase in the refugee intake and reducing the public service by 12,, the Coalition has now also promised to abolish:. The Coalition will also abolish assistance to the steel and coal industries, the clean energy finance corporation, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Climate Change Authority.

We got Australia through the GFC. We can maintain economic growth.

Kevin Rudd V Tony Abbott on hospitals

You don't know what the Coalition will cut if they win next Saturday. They will wind back parts of our agenda that many voters like. We need a mandate to protect those things. Labor is taking the country in the wrong direction. Unemployment up, debt, up, deficit up. The dysfunction must stop now.

The Coalition will build a stronger economy. It is time for a real change. Q: To Hockey, will you let treasury do the costings or will you instruct them to be conservative? And on cuts, is 'no cuts to health and education' for the full first term or just until your commission of audit?

Hockey: He suggests no cuts in health and education.

Rudd, Abbott face off in Australian PM election debate

On forecasts, he speaks about the important of stress testing. Q: To Hockey, are you making promises to interest groups under the radar that aren't appearing on the bottomline? Hockey: Everything will be released prior to the election. If the promise isn't in the final numbers then it isn't a real promise and you can call us out.

Bowen: We are not making any announcements that are not included in our budget bottomline. The measures are either in PEFO, or with the treasury. Q: To Bowen, do you have any plans for tax reform? To Hockey, Abbott says tax won't rise, will you have a rule to ensure the tax-to-GDP ratio is maintained?

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The mining tax was the benchmark economic failure of this government. We have a proper process around tax reform and any changes will go to an election before being implemented.

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To Hockey, the fact checkers have taken you to task on private health insurance. Hockey: Fact checkers are entitled to their opinion. I'm happy to have my assertions tested. Hockey: He doesn't reflect on Bowen. Bowen: I've been a minister for six years. I have a good relationship with the prime minister. We give each other "full and frank" advice. I note Joe goes to London and gives speeches about the age of entitlement - and then has to back big spending disasters like Tony Abbott's PPL. Bowen says he thinks Hockey "hates" that policy. He says if Hockey will make hard decisions - where is the surplus?

Q: To Hockey, what's the benchmark for holding you accountable? To Bowen, where are the costings for northern Australia and Garden Island?

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Bowen: Where are the Coalition's full costings? Q: When will the budget return to surplus. Is it an aspiration or a promise? And does it really matter? I think it's right we return to surplus over time. Mr Hockey talks about surplus, he's yet to tell us when he'll get to surplus. If you don't run a surplus when you have strong terms of trade and unemployment with a five in front of it, when do you run a surplus? Q: You are both promising things beyond the forward estimates.

Voters should just ignore these 'aspirations' in the never-never shouldn't they? Bowen: It is sometimes said that campaigns lack vision. This one doesn't. We are talking about twenty and thirty years, and we should be doing that. Updated at 3. Q: The Howard government had crook forecasts as well, they were just beneficial on the upside. What happens if the forecasts are off again? Bowen: The Coaition has been terribly mean about treasury.

If they win government, they'll have to work with them. We've outlined a pathway back to surplus. We've laid out a plan. Mr Hockey hasn't. Q: We had a Kodak moment today. The Hawke government gave a stack of cash to Kodak and it collapsed. Today Abbott gave cash today for Cadbury chocolate. How can voters believe we are in tough times when it's wall-to-wall pork barreling out of the hustings? Bowen: I don't think Mr Hockey and I accept the premise of your question. This is a low spending election.

Hockey: There's no rigour from Labor in this campaign. Thought bubbles everywhere. Our projects enhance productivity and they have cost-benefit analyses. But then it goes a bit negative. Labor - they can't manage the budget. We have a productivity agenda, Hockey says. There's PPL and help for tradies and help for the long term unemployed. Extreme unionists and bikies shouldn't run building sites, Hockey says. We'll bring back the building commission.

The Coalition will cut red tape, build things and engage with the region. I'm not asking for a trust me cheque from the Australian people, I'm asking you to invest in our plan. Elections, he says, are about choices. A good NBN or a cruddy Coalition one. Needs-based school funding that we've worked for, or needs-based funding that the Coalition embraced at the last minute because they had a political problem.

Good super for low income earners, or less good super. Australians deserve good health care and schemes like the NDIS. Labor kept Australia out of recession, we did this with sustainable government debt. Our debt is not high and "I suspect he Hockey knows it.

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There's no budget emergency - if there was one, the Coalition wouldn't be spending up big on PPL. Labor has picked up on a statement by Joe Hockey in his costings press conference that he will use the accrual figure, not the underlying cash balance, as his accounting standard. Joe Hockey has today abandoned the use of the underlying cash balance as the basis for the Liberals' budget position. This is a truly remarkable departure from the rules established by Peter Costello. Mr Hockey today admitted to using the accrual rather than cash bottom line for their numbers — which makes any figures Mr Hockey produces look much rosier than they actually are.

Were federal Labor to use an accrual bottom line, it would be in surplus a year earlier, in Joe Hockey was more or less correct when he said during that press conference that we wouldn't learn much more on the savings front than we already knew.

Books Kinokuniya: Rudd V. Abbott / Marr, David ()

As we transition between that press conference and the National Press Club debate in just a little bit, enjoy these pictures from Mike Bowers of Tony Abbott's morning in Tasmania. Updated at 2. Hockey won't commit to disclosing his budget bottom line in full. After years of demanding more cuts he now won't come clean. There are some things the PBO can't do, like state infrastructure. We had to get a number from the states. We are being very thorough. Q: PPL levy, are you sure of this number? Our assumptions and our numbers are absolutely correct, Hockey says.