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I began where the church began, above the blacksmith shop, and from the name 'O'er the Forge. I like that interpretation too!

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Josh Turner. Look to the heavens You can look to the skies You can find redemption Staring back into your eyes There is protection and there is Peace the same burn in your ticket for that Long Black Train. There's an engineer on that long black train Making you wonder if your ride is worth the pain He's just a waitin on your heart to say Let me ride on that long black train.

Well I can hear the whistle from a mile away It sounds so good But I must stay away That train is a beauty making everybody stare But its only destination is the middle of nowhere.

I want to know Christ

I said cling to the father and His holy name and don't go ridin on that black train Yes watch out brother for that long black train The devil's a ridin' that long black train. Never Left in Vain.

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Theme: God, military. Written February by Justin Proveaux. No nation's an exception where freedom comes for free. Even for those who did survive, the sacrifice was great. The good Lord design's what falls through as fate. Take what you can in need. Nothing you've done in shame.

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Even when things will never be the same. There is nothing that can amount to the lives of whom give up everything to defend the land of the red, white and blue. Please let me use this song to glorify what is true. Protecting those like me, in the air and in the sea. To a soldier striving through pain, is a life never left in vain.

Even in places that seem hopeless,. I wish I was more like a hero, but I'm just not. I'm just here doing what I can.

Living my life as I am. I know that this world is so much bigger than myself and the problems that I face don't compare to everything else. Though the way seems long and weary, I delight to cheer you on, Every step you run just brings you closer to your glorious home. Though you stumble, though you falter, I enfold you with My grace, I am watching You, My child, and cheering for you all the way.

Soon the time is drawing near when I will bid the sleeping rise. Angels massed around the throne, come sing His joyous wondrous strain,. For my Savior, Lord and King has spilled His blood to make me whole! Come, my spirit, make your praise to worship Him, Lord Jesus Christ! Type the content for this list item here.

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What To Expect. First Time Here? Our number one goal is connecting kids and their families with Jesus Christ. After Calvary Kids On your way home after Church, connect with your child by asking them: What was the best part of your morning? Still Have Questions? Contact Us.

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