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This Flute means a lot to me. It was a special gift from my grandfather and nothing can replace it.

Tuned In to Love

My grandfather had made the Flute himself with great care with exact tuning and now I lost this precious gift from my grandfather. Kamli : Oh Gosh! I feel very very sorry that you lost your Flute which was so dear to you. Bablu : No. I cannot buy another Flute as my grandfather had ordained me to play only this special Flute and no other Flute. He had told me to take extreme care of his Flute and had instructed me to pass this special Flute to next generation in my family. This was supposed to be our family tradition. I cannot play any other Flute. This is the end of my Flute playing from now on.

My grandfather had crafted this Flute with precise tuning and that is why it was very dear to him. Kamli was very much depressed. She tried to console Bablu. But Bablu started weeping uncontrollably for the loss of his special Flute. Kamli said Bye to Bablu and assured him she will see him tomorrow again to console him further. After about one hours of down hill walk, Kamli almost reached the foothills of the mountain. As she was walking on the winding road, suddenly Kamli saw a Flute on the roadside.

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She could not believe her own eyes. She picked up the Flute and checked it out. It was a very finely crafted Flute. Kamli was very very ecstatic.

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She looked at the cliff above her which was high up in the mountains where Bablu was sitting. Kamli surmised it must have been that heavy wind that helped soft landing of Flute after its free fall. Kamli checked to make sure that Flute was not broken.

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  7. But to her great surprise, Flute was in tact. May be that heavy wind saved the Flute from being broken during that free fall. Kamli turned back and decided to go back and see Bablu up the hill. She hoped that Bablu would still be there looking after cattles as sun had not yet set.

    But Kamli was very much afraid that if she goes back to see Bablu, it will get very late. She was always very much afraid of her Dad who kept a strict vigil on her. But she did not care about her Dad. At this moment, she was only thinking about her best friend Shephard boy Bablu. She could not imagine how much happy Bablu would be after he sees his Flute. Kamli could not care less. She started walking back uphill to tell Bablu the Good News.

    Kamli started almost running uphill. She was exhausted. But she still continued walking uphill.

    She reached the cliff where Bablu was still sitting with lots of depression. And almost cried and told Bablu that she found his Flute. She gave Bablu his Flute. He could not believe his eyes. It was God-Sent. Bablu took the Flute and checked and found that it was still in tact.

    Bablu still had to check Flute by playing it and he started playing Pahadi Tune on his Flute. Notes sounded mellifluous same as before. Bablu hugged Kamli for the first time in his life. Kamli was still a 13 year old innocent girl. Both Kamli and Bablu had entered into teen age recently. Neither Bablu nor Kamli could understand what romance meant as both were only 13 years old. Kamli : Yes. Of Course. I will marry you. I love you very much. At far distance, on the mountain top, Kamli could see her Dad walking back after closing the Temple. She wondered why he closed Temple so early. Maybe Dad figured that devotees will not be coming any more as most of the devotees living in the town had already taken Darshan of Kali Mata early in the morning.

    Now Kamli had to rush back to her home very quickly before her Dad saw her with Bablu. She said Bye to Bablu and started running back downhill to reach home before her Dad arrived at home. And the Tune sounded highly mesmerizing this time as it was now being played by Bablu whose heart was filled with extreme happiness. Nayyar in Dear Visumouli, Thank you so much for your whole-hearted appreciation.

    I always value your comment. Nice to know you have become staunch fan of my music.

    The Price of Love (short story collection) - Wikipedia

    I am sure you will like it. Please let me know how far you liked my song after you listen to it. Kind Regards, Dr. Yes sir, now-a-days tightly screwed with official work and lots of travelling eating my spare time to surf on net.

    Plus the number of people who were recorded living in emergency accommodation last month.

    Hence unable to visit frequently. However, please note that I am staunch fan of your music. I have also seen your photos of glass temple uploaded by you.

    Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka - Short Film - Love Story - Earning Music

    Very excellent. Hello Wicked Angel, Thank you so much for your appreciation. Nice to know you liked both my story as well as Flute tune. Regards, Dr.

    6 Responses to “Short Story Competition: The Winners”

    Dear maddss, Thanks you so much for your compliments! Sir Lovely flute renderation! Dear Suresh, Thanks a lot for your compliments. I am glad you liked my short story and Flute Tune. I just read your short story "Ghoonga Baba" and simply loved it. I thought it was a cute love story. Short, but cute. Aug 18, Loverlypurple rated it liked it Shelves: wine-and-roses , short-story. It was ok, sweet short romance that kind of had a small upset in the love aspect.

    Ok, not great. Very short and fast to read. Jul 16, Randi marked it as to-read Shelves: kindle. A typical "Happy Ever After" short-cute story! Jan 17, Anita rated it it was ok.